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January, 01, 2013

Import and export is an important part of business for many big and small companies. For any company which wants to carry out international trade, an Export/Import Licence is mandatory.

Export/Import Licence – Why Is It Important?

The Export/Import Licence denotes that the company has been granted the permission to import/export the specific goods. It is a licence indicating that the individual/company has adhered to all the guidelines formulated by the various government agencies involved.

Is The Export/Import Licence Mandatory?

Though many goods do not require a licence for export/import, there are special goods like – firearms, endangered plants & animals, liquor, etc. which require a licence to be taken from the specified government agency.

Which Government Agency Should Be Contacted For The Export/Import Licence?

Depending upon the goods that are being imported/exported, there are specific government agencies in charge of particular shipments. E.g. for firearms, there will be a different government department handling the licence application, while there will be an entirely different department in charge of pharmaceuticals, food items and so on.

Important Details Associated With Export/Import Licence

Why Avail Licensing Services (Export Licensing & Import Licensing)?

International trade is a risky business which is governed by many rules and regulations, which constantly keep on changing. An expert Licensing Consultant offering Licensing Services will be aware of all the rules & regulations (regarding internal trade) pertaining to different countries. They can provide effective guidance regarding which agency to contact, whether licence is required, & other intricacies related to the Export/Import Licence. An expert Licensing Consultant will also ensure speedy paperwork and timely solutions.

Associated Consultants, based in Delhi & having more than two decades of experience, is a reputed Licensing Consultant. The company has formed strategic alliances with the Ministry Of Commerce as well as the Export House, which makes them capable of handling the client’s requirements efficiently. The company’s area of expertise as far as Export Licensing Services is concerned includes export of items listed in negative list of exports, refund of CST paid by EOUs, etc. Under Import Licensing Services, the company offers assistance to clients in getting Advance Authorizations for importing goods, packing materials under Duty Exemption Scheme, etc. To know more, log on to www.associatconsultant.com

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