Business License Understanding Your Requirements

September, 02, 2011

When you think of starting up a new business you have to get the business license after filing your company formation document. There are specific business license requirements depending upon different factors. These factors are as following:
  • State regulations
  • City regulations
  • Country locations
  • Nature of the business, etc.
Steps to fulfill your business license requirements are:
Contact your state, country and city jurisdictions: In order to know the prerequisites of your state, country or city jurisdictions, it is better to consult the Department of Business Services or Corporations Division of your Secretary of State. They will help you in getting the license and help you in moving ahead as per the guidelines.
Hire a lawyer: The lawyer is there to look after the circumstances and keep you updated with latest judicial scenario.
Use a business license service: Paying a lawyer costs much. In order to reduce the cost of hiring lawyers, some companies use the help of the third party that provides business license by keeping you updated on the latest requirement to get the license. They get license applications for you, and even fill the instruction on your part. They keep you updated of the deadlines and make the process of getting the business license smooth and easy.
Export And Import Business Licensing
Most of the companies deal with clients in all corners of the world. They avail raw materials or even finished products from the world’s best vendors. This calls for export and import of goods and services. Export and import comes under the strict vigilance of the government, which is concerned about the economic security of the nation. In order to export and import products and deal smoothly on a global basis while adhering to the judicial regulation, it is important to consult professionals who hold expertise in export and import management regulations and permits for the same. The business enterprises need to be aware of goods fit for export and import activities and the clearing procedures. The expert consultants can guide the business enterprises in making them aware of licensing pertaining to exporting and importing. Along with export and import license, companies venturing in the business field need to acquire several other licenses for:
  • Importer Exporter Code – IEC
  • Duty Free import of Raw Materials & Components.
  • Duty Free import of Capital Goods.
  • Export Incentives on physical exports viz; DEPB, DFIA,FMS,FPS etc.
  • Export Incentives against Deemed Export supplies viz; Duty Free import of inputs,
Drawback, Refund of Terminal Excise Duty.
At the end, it is the responsibility of the business owner to stay vigilant and updated on import & export regulations and derive the maximum benefits under the Foreign Trade Policy.

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Protect your invention with Patent Registration

September, 02, 2011

Getting rights over an intellectual property has become very important in face of the many cases of plagiarism coming to the fore. Legal rights such as Patenting, provide the exclusive authority over the idea to the inventor for a long term period that may stretch out to around 20 years. This patent has to be renewed; otherwise some other individual or company can make use of it. This registration can also cover the use of the product, protection of its unique identity and unauthorized trading of the product from one country to another. Due to its importance and differential applicability, different countries have their own laws concerning patent registration.
Indian Patent Act
This was formulated in the year 1970 and amended later from 1974 to 2005 in addition to the rules of patenting.
Registration for the patent can be filed either by an individual or in partnership. It can also be filed on behalf of a dead person by his/her legal representative. This process is very comprehensive and only expert help should be taken in order to ensure that it is done accurately in compliance with the law. If one compares to the earlier times, there are many attorneys and specialized lawyers today, who provide expert advice and patent registration services at a cost.
The Process Of Registration
  • The first step in the process is the drafting of the patent, which describes the invention in full, including its background, general statement, related drawings, and other descriptions in detail. Drafting also requires specific knowledge to present the information in a usable format and therefore one should rely on expert help of patent registration consultants to give it proper consideration.
  • The next step is to create a unique identity for the idea or invention- say for example a product. The Logo serves as an identity that represents the product at any level and makes it different from other products. Use of such an identity by other parties invites penalty if the logo and the invention are properly registered.
  • Enlisting the help of a logo registration services firm is necessary in such cases to have the rights to this intellectual property and ensure that it creates a string impression on the audience or market for which it is intended.
  • Logo and brand registration services are provides by many professional law firms that undertake a lot of research to ensure that they have a unique invention at their hands and then proceed towards providing full protection to it.
Thus it is easy to see that patent registration has become very necessary for many entities as they come up with new inventions after much development and that much-needed protection required for the brand, logo and patent in the face of fierce competition.

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Professional Patent Trademark Registration Services provided by Law Firms

September, 02, 2011

It is hard to imagine the time before the process of patent registration itself existed. This novel process has provided and continues to provide protection to many entities across the world that come with a new innovation in the form of a product, process or service. Whether it is by providing protection to its trade or use, patent registration prevents unauthorized entities from getting any advantage of the patented invention.
Provided for a fixed period of time, this authority through Patent Trademark Registration comes at a price. But this price is nothing compared to the danger of plagiarism that can destroy the credibility of the idea thus making it available for mass consumption at times without the permission of the inventor.
There are many professional law firms today that offer expert Patent Trademark Registration Services covering brand, logo, and trademark registration in addition to assistance in case of copyright infringement-another aspect of intellectual property usage.
Governed by the Patent Act of 1970 in India, such registration can cover the rules and regulations concerning any type of product or service. This legal process has many intricacies that are best handled by an experienced attorney or legal consultant who can guide the individual or corporate entity.
There are many IPR law firms in India offering services for IPR rights, trademark filing, trademark classifications, trademark application, patent filing, copyright prosecution, IPR patent, application preparation, IPR infringement, trademark infringement, patent drafting, copyright registration, patent application, patent registration, and so on.
Patent Renewal
Renewal of a patent is very important failing which it can expire thus making the innovation vulnerable again for use by anyone. Patent renewal is required when the second year from the patent date gets expired.
What Lies Ahead
Law firms handling patent registration also handle renewal and other areas concerning IPR such as copyright prosecution. In the unfortunate case that an asset with prohibited use is still used by unfair means, then the person who had filed for the patent reserves the right to protect it by legal means. Copyrights Agreements or Certificates obtained for such inventions give this protection to various things ranging from software codes to a certain process of an industry.
With the increasing competition to give a new offering, many companies are in the race for more development and it pays to protect such an invention in this scenario. As the area concerning IPR is very wide so legal firms in coordination with the government are coming up with newer ways to tackle any infringement. Taking assistance from such expert patent registration, logo registration and brand registration firm is therefore a good choice to maintain a strong foothold in the industry.

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Importance Of Hiring Import Export Consultant

November, 02, 2011

The rapid growth of foreign trade has become an impetus for manifold companies to consider the expansion of their trade to overseas locations. With this, the need for professional Import-Export Consultancy is also rising.

What Is The Role Of Import-Export Consultants?
In simple words, Import-Export Consultants facilitate the growth of businesses in overseas markets. They are well-trained in international business connection and can help businesses with maximizing the benefits extended by the Foreign Trade Policy so as to make their products competitive in the world market .

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Renowned Import-Export Consultant?
For launching the business ventures overseas, various companies rely upon reputed Export-Import Consultants in India. This is because of the following factors:

Know-how Of Rules And Laws

The professional Import-Export Consultants have an in-depth knowledge about the import-export regulations and the customs laws. Therefore, the companies looking forward to enter Import and / or Export business must have a thorough knowledge about the same. Such companies need not worry because Export-Import Consultants help them in dealing with such requirements. Besides, they can also help the organizations to develop in house systems connected with import-export trade.

The companies having overseas expansion plans can easily get in touch with the Import-Export Consultants through the web world. There are numerous reliable companies providing Import-Export Consultancy on the internet. These companies can help various businesses to swiftly and successfully grow at a global level.

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Import and Export Licensing

November, 02, 2011

Import License refers to a license by the government of a country that authorizes the importing of certain goods from the foreign countries into its territory. This license permits an individual or an organization to bring in goods from the other countries. In contrast, Export License is a formal document allowing the exporting of certain domestic goods across the other countries.

In India, Import and Export licenses are issued by Director General of Foreign Trade. Although many of the goods are freely importable in India, but Import Policy prohibits the import of certain goods. By the same coin, the Export policy prohibits the export of certain goods. In both the cases, it becomes mandatory for the exporter or importer to have the export or export license issued by the concerned authorities.

Import and Export Licensing Services are needed by many businesses around the world. The companies desiring to expand their businesses overseas or to sell imported products in the domestic markets require Export and Import Licensing Services to a great extent.

In addition, constant increase in globalization also has been a major impetus behind the increase in demand of Import and Export Licensing Services. The Govt. announces various schemes for import & export through which an importer or exporter can draw the benefits thereof.

It is, therefore, recommended to consult a professional Import and Export Licensing Service Provider to pave the way for your business expansion and success. People can easily find such Service Providers over the internet. There are various reliable Import and Export Licensing Service Providers who can get your work done in the earliest possible time. In addition, these online companies also charge the affordable service charge and give value for your money.

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How To Obtain Import and Export License

November, 02, 2011

Importing and exporting business has emerged as a successful model for many companies as it widens their market to a great extent to bring in more profits. But to start a business like this it is important to get the licensing done first.

What Are Import License And Export License?

Import License is a license by the government of a country to authorize the importing of certain goods from the foreign countries into its territory. This license permits an individual or an organization to bring in goods from the other nations. Export License on the other hand is a formal document allowing the exporting of certain domestic goods to the other nations.

In India, Director General of Foreign Trade issues the Import and Export licenses. Though many of the goods are freely to import in India, but Import Policy prohibits the import of certain goods. In the same way, the export of certain goods is prohibited under the Export policy. Thus it becomes compulsory for the exporting or importing company to have the Import or Export license issued by the concerned authorities.

Need For The EXIM Licensing
Import and Export Licensing Services are needed by many businesses around the world. The companies desiring to expand their businesses overseas or to sell imported products in the domestic markets require Export and Import Licensing Services to a great extent.

In addition, constant increase in globalization also has been a major impetus behind the increase in demand of Import and Export Licensing Services. By having proper authorization for import or export of goods, trading globally becomes much easier. By doing this, it becomes easier to make a mark in the international market and get their brand recognized in any nation.

Certain Steps To Be Followed To Get The License Include:

By hiring a professional Import and Export Licensing Service Provider time and cost savings can be made in a great way. It is easy to find many Licensing Service Providers online. These trusted Import and Export Licensing Service Providers can advance the process as they have connections in the right places and experience to handle licensing process effectively.

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How to Get Started in Import Export

November, 18, 2011

In today’s world of globalization and increasing international trade, every country, be it developed or developing, is aiming to export products to the other countries and continents. This undoubtedly boosts up the economy and promotes the country as well. In fact, the major impetus behind the most successful economies in the world is their successful trading venture – including not only export but also import. However, for the success of import and export business, you need to have a good know-how of many things and have good knowledge of country-wise trade regulations.

Since starting an export import business is not a cakewalk, the below mentioned tips will prove to be of great help to you:

Finally, for getting into a successful export and import business, taking help of the reliable Export and Import Service Providers is essential. You can find the best providers of Export Licensing Services and Import Licensing Services online. It is recommended to go for an experienced company, since it has an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of international trading. Also, go for a firm that is ready to provide to end-to-end Import and Export Licensing Consultancy.

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Introduction To Patent Licensing

November, 18, 2011

Patent licensing refers to giving complete rights related to a product, service or idea to the inventor. License is like a contract on several terms on which both the parties agree upon. In all types of licensing, generally parties agree upon a deal based on mutual adjustment. Those who invent new ideas, products or services need to get proper credit. This ethical obligation is fulfilled by Legal Patent Licensing. Issuing and getting the patent license involves a lot of procedures that are best handled by professionals.

First of all, Patent license seekers need to prove their authenticity. Proper planning is expected on the part of the patent license seeker for negotiating their license plea. Patent License Agreement is not only for getting license for one’s own inventions but also to use others’ patent. Patent License Agreement is of two types:

In this type of agreement, a patent holder issues the right to use the patent to other parties. Many parties go for this agreement to generate revenue from the patent. Out License Agreement also offers the patent holders an opportunity to come up with new ventures.

There are various types of Patent Licenses depending upon the rights offered to the patent license seeker. Different types of patent licenses are:
Sole License: Sole license is an exclusive deal between a license and licensor with the condition that the patent holder will not enter into deal with any other party except the one with which it has already entered into an agreement.

Exclusive License: In Exclusive License, a party holding the patent rights keeps only the title to the patent but no other rights. In case of Exclusive License, the licensee holds the rights to further offer the license to other parties.

Non-Exclusive License: In case of non-exclusive licensing, the patent holder holds the rights to license all the rights to a number of parties. Here the licensor, at the same time, holds the rights to use the patented invention.

Cross Licensing: Cross licensing is like a deal between two parties regarding the rights to intellectual property. In this type of licensing, instead of royalty or payment, the parties get the right to use one another’s intellectual property.

Companies or individuals looking forward to enter In License and Out License Patent Agreement need to search for companies offering Patent Licensing Services. Many such companies are enlisted online where the patent license seeker can get innumerable options to choose from.

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Import And Export License

December, 28, 2011

Import License, issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade in India, is an official permit allowing the import of foreign goods into the country. By the same coin, Export License, which is again issued by Director General of Foreign Trade, allows Indian companies to export domestic goods abroad. Although the Indian government allows the trade of certain goods without a permit, but for the others, taking a permit becomes compulsory, or else that trade would be considered as illegal.
Though international trade has been there from the most ancient times, but after the advent of globalization, it has taken a flight. International trade is one of the major reasons behind the remarkable development of India as well as many developing and developed countries. Now, the companies can engage in export and import without any problem. They can aim at catering the clients from all over the world, through which they can undoubtedly achieve an international recognition. Today, we can see many importers and exporters taking full advantage of hassle-free international trade in order to flourish their business in the best possible manner. And if one talks about how all this starts, the answer is clear and obvious to every one of us: Import and Export License.
Now that you know about the role and importance of Import and Export License, you might be thinking about the simple way to get it. Well, there is, indeed, a simple and convenient way for it – availing Import and Export Licensing Services. You can find a plethora of Indian registration companies over the Internet providing Export Licensing Services and Import Licensing Services in India and abroad as well.
When it comes to choosing the Import and Export Licensing Service Provider in India, you should seek the ones who are associated with the government bodies. This is because these service providers can be relied upon more than the others. Another thing to look for is the price that your service provider is charging. Compare a few, look out for how much they charge and their credentials to get the idea of which service provider is providing you with the most affordable services.

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How To Do Import Export

December, 28, 2011

How to set up an Export and Import Business? Is this question striking your mind again and again? And do you desperately want to dig out the answer to it? If yes, this article can be of a great help for you, as it provides you with an effective guidance for smoothly starting Import and Export Business.

Let’s start from the beginning and see how a better start can pave the way for the successful business. Following are the number of steps that you need to follow while setting up an Export and Import business:

Now that you know all about setting up an Export and Import Business, you might be thinking about whether you can make the task of Import and Export Licensing easier or not. Well, you definitely can. Just contact a reputed and reliable service provider for Import and Export Licensing Services and avail the license in a hassle-free manner.

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All About Import Export License

May, 08, 2012

Business is all about making profit by increasing the client base and the sale of the products. Companies, venturing into export and import experience, new horizon for making profit. There is no limit to expansion and companies that expand their boundaries in compliance with the regulations set for export and import are sure to experience an unexpected surge in their profit level.

The regulations related to Export Licensing and Import Licensing keep changing with time and it is better to know the latest regulations than to get entangled in some problem due to ignorance. Import & Export Licensing depends upon the products in which the companies deal in. For different products, there are different regulations for export and import, and companies need to know every detail related to paperwork and certificates.

How To Stay Updated Of The Import & Export Regulations?
Discussing with the professionals in the administration makes it possible for the companies to stay updated of every change. Online searching for Export & Import Licensing regulations is also very useful. Rules depend upon the nature of the products and for products like food items, guns, etc., there are some extra regulations in comparison to the rules for other products. It is also better to contact the professionals in the region, where the companies want to venture in, to know the arrangements to be made and records to be prepared.

Some Rules Related To Export & Import Licensing:
For the business enterprises, two types of export permits are mandatory: an over-all license and professionally verified authorization. The overall certification is for large business enterprises and for the companies which deal in some specific types of products. For individual exporters, there is no actual need of export license and the Individual Validated License is required. This license is a government certificate for the approval for moving the items in the destined nation.

The best way to follow the rules of the Import & Export Licensing is to avail the service of the Export & Import Licensing Consultancy. Import/Export Licensing Services Consultancies provide detailed information about the requisites of different products and the details about the rules of the nations where the products are to be exported or imported from.

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Imports And Exports In The UK: The Resellers Guide To International Trading

May, 08, 2012

U.K is one of those destinations in the world which attract business enterprises from all over the world. Business enterprises that are planning to make investment in the market of U.K need to stay aware of the regulations and trade practices of the place. The drop-ship resellers planning to export their products in the U.K market need to know every regulation in detail before venturing in the field. The resellers need to be aware of certain details like the following:

It is better to avail the services of the professionals at Import & Export Licensing Companies. These companies provide information and services related to different regulations and rules, and the ways to fulfill the clients’ requirements and smoothly execute business without contradicting any law.

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Import And Export Licensing

January, 01, 2013

Importers and exporters require a special licence in order to ply their trade overseas & across national borders. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding import and export which needs to followed. Applying for an Import/Export License involves a considerable amount of paperwork, which is why availing the services of an experienced Licensing Consultant is often recommended. An expert Licensing Consultant has comprehensive knowledge of the procedures involved in applying for the Import/Export License. Yet another factor that matters is that the rules and regulations pertaining to Import/Export License change constantly which makes availing the services of an expert even more important.

Following types of Licensing activities are applicable to Importers and Exporters:

Associated Consultants is a leading consultant offering exceptional Licensing Services to clients. Founded in 1989, Associated Consultants offers a comprehensive range of services which include – Advance Authorisations, EPCG Authorisations, Focus Product/ Market Duty Scrips, Deemed Exports benefits, Duty Drawback , IEC Number Allotment Service, Essentiality Certificates etc. In the last over two decades since the company’s inception, it has formed valuable liaisons with important government agencies to ensure timely solutions to clients.

Under Mr Manjit Singh’s (the CEO) expert guidance, Associated Consultants has become a renowned name in NCR Industrial circle. Mr Manjit Singh has more than thirty years of experience in this industry & has in-depth knowledge about all aspects related to it. He is well equipped & skilled to handle all kinds of queries & provide effective solutions as per client’s requirements. To know more about the company, or its wide array of services, please browse through www.associatconsultant.com

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Licensing Services For The Customers

January, 01, 2013

Import and export is an important part of business for many big and small companies. For any company which wants to carry out international trade, an Export/Import Licence is mandatory.

Export/Import Licence – Why Is It Important?

The Export/Import Licence denotes that the company has been granted the permission to import/export the specific goods. It is a licence indicating that the individual/company has adhered to all the guidelines formulated by the various government agencies involved.

Is The Export/Import Licence Mandatory?

Though many goods do not require a licence for export/import, there are special goods like – firearms, endangered plants & animals, liquor, etc. which require a licence to be taken from the specified government agency.

Which Government Agency Should Be Contacted For The Export/Import Licence?

Depending upon the goods that are being imported/exported, there are specific government agencies in charge of particular shipments. E.g. for firearms, there will be a different government department handling the licence application, while there will be an entirely different department in charge of pharmaceuticals, food items and so on.

Important Details Associated With Export/Import Licence

Why Avail Licensing Services (Export Licensing & Import Licensing)?

International trade is a risky business which is governed by many rules and regulations, which constantly keep on changing. An expert Licensing Consultant offering Licensing Services will be aware of all the rules & regulations (regarding internal trade) pertaining to different countries. They can provide effective guidance regarding which agency to contact, whether licence is required, & other intricacies related to the Export/Import Licence. An expert Licensing Consultant will also ensure speedy paperwork and timely solutions.

Associated Consultants, based in Delhi & having more than two decades of experience, is a reputed Licensing Consultant. The company has formed strategic alliances with the Ministry Of Commerce as well as the Export House, which makes them capable of handling the client’s requirements efficiently. The company’s area of expertise as far as Export Licensing Services is concerned includes export of items listed in negative list of exports, refund of CST paid by EOUs, etc. Under Import Licensing Services, the company offers assistance to clients in getting Advance Authorizations for importing goods, packing materials under Duty Exemption Scheme, etc. To know more, log on to www.associatconsultant.com

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